I'm not a huge metal fan, I'm mostly into jazz and funk. I got into Opeth a while ago, and I think that their music is really amazing. I love the contrast between the loud, heavy sections, and the quiet, melodic passages in their songs. But I find other death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse really stupid, and unintresting. Are there any other bands like Opeth out there, because I think their style is really great.

BTW, I like some other metal bands like Dream Theater, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera(sorta), etc.
How is Cannibal Corpse really stupid? And no other band really sounds like Opeth.

Also, there is a Rec. thread that you should use.
porcupine tree? they are prog rock.. steive wilson produced opeth and porcupine tre..
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there is no band like Opeth.

however, a last.fm search yields the following..
-dream theater
-pain of salvation
-strapping young lad.

you gotta take into account that every Opeth album is different. from out and out melodeath metal (ghost reveries) to much softer progressive rock (damnation)
you're not gonna find a band just like Opeth.
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I'd look at Agalloch and Insomnium. They don't sound like Opeth, but they have the same qualities that you like in Opeth's music.

This should go in the rec thread, btw, although if you don't come here often, I see how you could make that mistake.