Poll: How much did you pay for In Rainbows?
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View poll results: How much did you pay for In Rainbows?
16 62%
Less than £5
4 15%
£6 - £10
3 12%
£11 - £15
0 0%
£16 - £20
0 0%
More than £20
3 12%
Voters: 26.
Huge respect for Radiohead for their "you chose price" thing on the new album. I'm not a big Radiohead fan, but I bought it just to thank them (on a student budget - not like the huge 1 Grand payment!) for a pioneiring move in the music industry. It's **** at the moment and I agree with Trent Reznor and his actions against the over controlling businesses.

Anyway, back to the point. In Rainbows...

Have you got?

How much did you pay?
I'm gonna go with... this thread's gonna be locked before the day's end.
And I paid 8 pounds, however many canadian dollars that is...
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I heard the audio quality isn't as good as a CD. That along with the fact that you don't actually get a CD/Case/Booklet mean I will probably pay half the cost of a regular CD ($6-8 US). If I like the album a lot, I will just buy the regular CD when it comes out.
I paid $11.12 and I think that the album is absolutely awesome! I believe it is one of their best. Favorite songs include: Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and All I need, House of Cards (best song in my opinion). I don't agree with not paying for the album though.
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I paid nothing but if I had to I would've paid 400 dollars for this album if paying was the only way i could get it.
I paid $0.00 for it. I mean, it's not like they're strapped for cash because A) they were able to go forward with this little experiment and B) they're Radiohead. If the option is there to legally pay nothing I'm going to take it.
i bought it for nothing because i plan on giving them a good chunk of money in the future for merch/the physical CD/possibly the discbox/if they come here, a ticket
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I ordered it, and it said it would be e-mailed to me.

They didn't ask my address.

Can someone explain this for me?
Wade in the water, child.
Alcohol+In rainbows=Greatness

I didn't pay for the album, but I just got a radiohead shirt. Does taht count?
I got it for free, but I plan on buying it when it comes out on disc in the winter. I already have spent a lot on Radiohead, and I'm still buying this album either way anyway.

I'm not one to usually download, but this is a fine situation to take up upon. Especially if your going to buy it eventually anyway.
discbox. i feel like such a rich asshole when i tell people i bought it, but the thing is that i am far from that, i just got paid recently so i figured i could blow my paycheck on the album.
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I bought the discbox as well.
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