I have a question about Power Amps. My Marshall head just blown out a couple days ago and I was wondering if I could use a Peavy M-2600 Power Amp as a substitute for the Marshall head. Thanks
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A power amp is made to cleanly amplify whatever signal is put into it. They normally produce virtually zero gain/distortion on their own, so if you play straight through just a power amp, it will be ridiculously clean & harsh. If you're desperate, you could run a distortion pedal in front of it & it might be OK, but I'd recommend fixing the Marshall, unless it's an MG.
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Yep, you'll get an extremely clean signal and nothing like gain with an amp that's not designed as a guitar amp, but probably as good as the MG in your sig does if you add a distortion pedal...I've played through a PA amp before in a pinch, but I didn't like it...kept a flanger running most of the night just to keep it from being too sterile.
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