Okay, so my band is opening for this huge fest our town holds every year, with fireworks, and a huge stage and MANY people. We got the unlucky draw, and we are now playing at 5:30, but the only people that go early are the little kids and their aduts, and they jsut like sit there and picknic and they coudl care less about the bands. Everyone normally goes at around 8-9ish and thats where all the good stuff is, like mosh pits and stage dives, even though its not metal haha. I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what we could do to make people come for the very begining, so that we actually have a audience. Thanks!

BTW, if you wanna see what is like, here are some videos from a couple of last year. WE ARE A LOT BETTER NOW hahaha.


This is our own song that we wrote...

1977 Erie Co. (Pa) Country, Folk And Bluegrass festival. Huge festival. 50,000+ people.
We got signed as the opening act. 3:30 Fri Afternoon. In front of like 12 people. Plus it rained like a mofo. We also were the opening Sunday act. 10:30 am. Like 12 people. And it rained like a mofo. I feel your pain.
So your question is what would make me interested? Free beer. Pull that off and I'll be there.
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they mosh as a joke haha, i wish we could give free beer, but 1. da fuzz is always there, and 2. its a high school thing.
need a new vid man.
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