Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has tips on how to mute certain strings in a song, for example:


Thats giving me a hard time. A friend suggested just regularly palm muting but using the corner of your hand to select the strings you want muted, but I was wondering is if thats the only way. Thanks.
Use the tip of your index finger to fret the lower note and use your middle finger to fret the higher one. Mute the strings in between by resting your index finger on them.

Your friend's an idiot.

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I was in the middle of posting the same thing when the answer was posted. I agree, mute the middle strings with your index finger resting on them.
Yeah, that would be hard to do with the palm. Just practice what screamingchingy said for a little bit and this should be no problem. By the way, what song is thias from?
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