i was wondering in your opinion on what the best strings for electric guitar are.
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Well... apart from gauges..
GHS is my brand, because they're cheap, good, and they're manufactured in my home state (michigan), and SRV used them also. GHS boomers or the nickel ones are pretty good, so are the Santana siggys.
The fender bullet ends are pretty sweet too, but i'll go back to GHS once mine wear out.
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D'addario. Great price for great quality,sound and feel
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I recommend Ernie Ball. I use the skinny top heavy bottom which is 10-52. good stuff.
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well personally i use ernie ball 9s, because thats what i've always used and im scared to try anything else... haha

but it's all preference really.
I like Ernie Ball better, but strings are pretty much the same in tone just about but some feel more unique than others, and I find my self likeing Ernie Balls, now the gauges and the tension will play a big part for you, and if you get bigger strings you may need an extra spring for your Floyd Rose, I do if I go to Drop-C

I get Ernie Ball 7 string set 10-56 and use 56, 46, 36, 26, 13, 10 and not use the 17
Ernie ball or Fender Originals

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Thomastik-Infeld, IMO. Then again it's a very subjective matter.
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i use ernie balls 11-52, they sound good to me.

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GHS Boomers. I can get 3 packs for the price of 1 pack of D'addarios from my local guitar store, they last twice as long as Ernies, take twice as long to rust, stay in tune like beauties, keep their new string tone for ages, and sustain a lot

Yeah, I like 'em.
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I defy anyone who hasn't used them to try them and tell me there's a better string. They last longer, keep fresher than any other brand. They're on a par with Elixir except they're half the price.
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I defy anyone who hasn't used them to try them and tell me there's a better string. They last longer, keep fresher than any other brand. They're on a par with Elixir except they're half the price.

I've used DR's for a long time, and really prefer Elixers. Same gauge, but I always managed to break a string with the DR set. I prefer the Elixer sound as well. DR's are without a doubt the second best though. After DR, Ernie Ball.
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anyone ever heard of heavy tops and light bottoms? because one of my friends has that but he has to buy two differnt packs of erinies but im just wondering if someone has that pre-made

i personally like DR string and GHS
elixirs last forever but fender super bullets seem o last for ages and ages so i dunno
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I use Snake Oil Brand or D'Addarios on my Strats and GHS Boomers on my guitars with buckers.
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I use Ernie Balls 11s to 54s. This is good because im constanly downtuning to drop C and drop D so it still gives goodsound as well minimal buzzzz. Then again i mainly play metal and rock. Whatever you prefer really...