I Have A Morley Power Wah Powered By A 9v Adapter That isn't A morley one. It's perfect in bypass mode but hit the switch for some wah and I get a constant hum even when only connected from it's output to my amp or pod xt just the same constant hum. Any Ideas would be helpful, Cheers
its the 9v adapter. The companies **** you with that. its either you have to have theirs or you get constant hum. my dunlop adapter does it to my tubescreamer and fuzz pedal, and my ibanez' adapters do it to my wah.
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^+1 If you don't have a well regulated power supply your going to get noise. Plus, wasn't it Eric Johnson that said adpaters suck tone.

Don't know much about Morleys, but I imagine you could use a battery with that wah? I would just do that, it'll last months provided you unplug your cable from the input when your done playing.
I use a One Spot with my Morley Classic Wah and its quiet as a mouse. There is something wrong with your pedal or cables.
Hey, Thanks for all all the replys It was the adapter, (I Cant believe the noise it made). The pedal needed a 9V 300 milliamp Regulated Adapter so I bought this universal thing thats 300mA and you can change the voltage. So Anyone with this problem take some advice from Whole Lotta Led and SublimeGuitar and get a battery Or by the correct adapter from your pedals manufacturers . Cheers, Peace, Love and cash in the bank to all.