How would I take a detailed picture of my iris? I want it with my pupil as large as possible, so I do it in the dark. But then, I can't see my eye for obvious reasons, so I turn the flash on, which leads to the lowering of the ISO, and then everything is all blurry. Can someone gimme some tips? I'm using a Sony digital camera BTW. Like a medium quality one.

EDIT: Also, my right is starting to get annoyed by all this intense flash. Yeah...I should stop.
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Unless you're really good, that stuff will hurt your eye. I would suggest getting a dim light, and turning the ISO way up.
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Set the camera mode to macro mode and take a pic of the eye.

Don't use flash, lower the ISO (high ISO = blurriness because of the noise, plus it looks crap), and just hold the camera very still/resting on something (there's always self-trigger).

I'm sure there are other ways to make your pupil larger than turning down the lights.