Are maple necks faster? I've tired a Fender Start with a Maple neck. It does feel smoother then something like rosewood. why? is it cause maple's finish is different?
I'm used to rosewood or ebony and I hate maple (if you are talking about the fingerboard.) I think its more what you are used to than any real difference in speed capability. Maple seems to have a little more "spank" than rosewood or ebony.
Most people say that Maple has more of a twangy sound, but there's not much difference IMO. But for appearences Rosewood is for me!
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It doesn't fit my playing style at all so I figured it would be good for me
i like maple. but i dunno about everybody else. they do sound twangy though. rosewood have a smoother warmer sound.
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Maple fingerboards DO look nice, though.
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