What's so bad about staring at it. Please don't just say something like, "You'll go blind."
I'm looking for the reason.

UV rays + ur eyes = blindness
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It kind of hurts like hell for me, but my eyes are very sensitive.
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umm it makes you go blind isnt a dumb anserw because it is the anser....
UV rays burn out your retinas
retinas= things in your eyes that register images and light
burned out retinas= no seeing for you

EDIT: I think this is why the other thread was closed genius
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wow this is a stupid question.

your eyes are like magnifying glasses. your retina is like 100000 times as sensitive as an ant. it ****ing burns them!
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It's too bright, it burns your retina and can leave you seeing permanent spots and ****.
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because you WILL go fucking blind
Give it a go and tell us what happens......

but to add that extra 'frying' sensation try using binoculars too....
actually yeah ^+1
go for it i take back my "stupid" response there actually is no reason its fun try it out let us know what happens i think you can buy brail keyboards somewhere...