Okay so i tried to form a club/wedding band 5 months ago with decent local muscians. This lead me to understand it is very difficult to get bandmembers where i live..went through 2 singers, 2 guitarists and a keys player who all were either unreliable or not able to play well enough.

I had so much hassle getting a bassist i took on one of my bass (virtuoso) pupils who is 16, this has put off some musicians because they feel they dont want to work with kids etc (i am 27). im pretty fatigued by it all and i still have my dilligent 16 yr old there every week and no bandmates.

We got dates offered but we cant take because 3/4 of the band dont turn up to rehersals because they are hungover. Ive also bought gear and stuff so i would make a loss if i gave up on it all but do you think i should?
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