i have a valvetronix ad50vt
and its great i plan on gettin a cab in the future fir it

my ? is what do you guys consider on tube amp options at lets say 200-300 dollars
new or used and i dont play any style in particular i just want a good clean cut sound that the valvetronix cant give me compared to a tube

dont get me wrong the the vox is great but there is no comparing with a tube amp
i use the vox to just **** around with my friends

i plan on buying pedals later

so please give me suggestions

thanks fellow UG'ers
Crate Palomino V6. 5w tube, good amp, and onboard drive will give u classic rock. Good, clean sound as well. Its around $250 new, and is ur only option other than an Epi Valve Jr. Which is good, but too minimalist for me. One volume knob isnt my kinda thing.
epi valve junior

yah thats what i noticed on it i figured i would get an EQ pedal
but would that be necessary with the pal