After playing drums for most of my youth I have recently put a lot of energy into guitar. So for the past year I have been playing my acoustic electric Ibanez religouly. And sometmes playing a electric here and there. But, I have now saved up around 500$ and would like to buy a used guitar with this money. I'm not quite sure what guitar would be ideal for me. What I do know is that I would like a guitar that is on the lighter side. The type of music I like to play when it comes to guitar is, post rock, alternative, a lot of open chords, and do some soloing in the pentatonics. Sometimes play some blusey riffs. but I rarely ever play anything metal, or anything hard rock, or any rock that you would hear on the radio for that matter. I really like to play arpegiate chords and play melodic stuff. But I would still like to get a pretty universal guitar. I guess those are just my strengths. I am still a noob at guitar so I will most likely grow to more styles in the future. Can anyone point me in a direction to look at. I was thinking about a fender or maybe a gibson. But what models?
Fender Mexican Start. Perfect for you. But, more importantly, what amp do you have? amp is much more important than guitar when it comes to how good you sound
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Those would be my guitar recommendations. For the amps:

Cube 15/Cube 30

The second options are just louder versions of the second ones. The number at the end is the number of watts.
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It doesn't fit my playing style at all so I figured it would be good for me
Well what I would be using is my brothers crate halfstack. I think it is also a crate head. I hear that crate is meant for metal...