I wrote this over the course of the past two hours, and it turned out a lot better than expected. The drums aren't great but I'd like your input on the other parts too.
Untitled 01.zip
Cool acoustic intro, melds right in with the distorted guitar, but i reckon you could do a little better with the part where you cut the acoustic guitar, it doesn't flow that well, you should add a drum roll on the acoustic snare, it flows much easily. But i really liked the part where play the fast power chord with drums rolls, that would be my favorite.

overall i would give you a 7/10
keep up the good work
Thanks. I didn't really intend for this to be a song for my band, but my drummer heard it and liked it, so he'll be improving the drums.
Its pretty good. My fav part is when the meledy comes in. It could be a little longer, and the transitions a little more fluent but still good.

EDIT: my bad, didnt know it ws just the intro, its long enough, :P
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This sounded all right, as an intro. First, I think you should take out measures 26-32, or at least change that part to something else. Second, the clean guitar should play different notes in the 3rd and 4th measures, I think it sounds better played like this:
  E  E  Q    S E  Q    S    E  E  E  Q.     Q       W                 

Change that 4 to a 3, or a C# to a natural C. And that's pretty much it. Nice job.

Thanks for the crit!
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Man, the beginning sounds really good, i like the chords. The electric guitar that comes in, maybe just make it the higher not of the octave, so it doesn't overpower? You have a really good chord progression going on behind it.

Bar 16 made me piss myself, it was really awesome. Sudden, and surprising, and good.

Keep going with it man!

Your drums are really well put together. I like the rushes that start happening around bar 26, cool, maybe do something else with the other instruments after though? Instead of quarter whoooole?

dude, great song, keep it going!

4/4 is just so boring. <_<