so i did the school budget calculator, and with residence it comes out to 18grand (HOYL ****! and without res(assuming i can get an apartment for 2600 a year) its still 16 grand a year. theyre no way i can ****ing afford this. is this normal tuition costs (im going to UOIT for automotive engineering)
college is freaking expensive, dude. I'm pretty sure canada's better about that stuff than the US, too, so don't complain.
Yeah, college here sucks eh....
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That's pretty normal. Maybe a little more than most in-state public colleges here in the US, it's not that bad at all.
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Look at the brightside:
1. Parents
2. Student Loans
3. Financial Aids
4. Possible Scholarships

You should be fine. If you want, goto Juco first.
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My college costs' $24,000, and the course is only 1 year long so it isn't even split up at all, just one flat fee. Oh well as long as I get to do my music recording I'm happy!




im pretty sure i need to apply for every single scholarship and bursary and grant, prolly take out max loans too. I think ill sell alot of weed to
yo i doubt im gonna be able to afford college, but i just found out mad good news today. my school always told us that we need like, 4 years of world languages before we go to college, my friend called a ton of college people and they all said they only require one year of language. so basically i took too and i did like extra work

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i need to go to uni, i really want to, seems really great. im really considering sellign drugs during the summer, and harrowing my ass off everyday at work
My college costs $23,000 a year before room and board. And that's pretty cheap for an out of state college. If you're talking private schools, it's nothing. If I had stayed home and gone to University of Miami it would have been $45,000 a year.

if you get a job you can make that much money easily, even if you don't have your parents, scholarships or loans to help pick up the slack.
and welcome to the dilemma of being a college student. great isnt it my friend?

If you really can't afford it, do your first two years at a state or community school. NO LIE. Saves you tons of money and doesn't waste your time like you might fear. THEN transfer to the school of your choice. Might as well anyway, because if you change your mind about your major like almost all people do and get stuck at say a lawyer school and you wanna be a doctor or a biologist...you're dicked. so it's just a good idea to go with state schools for the first two years. trust me, I'm in my second year of state school and i actually have money (some) to spend on myself. and a life. and all my hometown friends (cuz my college is 10 miles away from my house) it's a great feeling.
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$2,600 is dirt cheap for an apartment. Most places around my school run at least $350/month with a 9-month lease. That's $3,150 minimum.

Edit: One of my buddies goes to U of M and pays $700/mo + $200/mo apartment association fees. He has a really ****ing nice apartment though, and even has a hot chick renting out one of the other 3 spaces in the house.

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HEY!!!! I'm going to UOIT too!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going for electrical engineering.. but I'm gonna be living at home so it will be a lot cheaper. 10 000 a year!

nice meing yeah res is 4700, or if i foudn a cheap apartment thats liek 2600 a year. but i NEED to move out, at least just for a year
$12,000-13,000 a year here (w/ boards and stuff), but financial aids took care of $4000-4500 for me. Only thing that sucks is work study because they set up the dates for me to work, and I'm not getting the right amount of money I want per wk.
You should become a college professor, so your kids won't go through the same ****
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