Hey there.

I recently looked into upgrading my V's humbuckers.

It still carries the stock ones, which are great in their own way.

However, I want the sustain and expandability of a Les Paul or 335, and the frightfully warm tone.

Wil this go well in my Gibson Flying V? I play everything in the book, Led Zeppelin, to Megadeth. I want a nice warm tone, but I also need to know if these can do Metal well.

Any advice? I prefer the 57' classics from when I play them on LP's or ES-335's, but I'm open to any other ones that give me what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance!
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If you want improved tone, improve your amp. Pickups won't make the slightest shred of difference with an amp like that.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Yeah, get a new amp first.

But when you do decide to replace the pickups, it will definetely be more les-paul like. A flying V has a similar construction to a les paul: mahogany body, set mahogany neck, angled headstock, TOM bridge...
It's just missing the maple top. Apart from taht, it should sound pretty similar.