ok i mainly play thrash and death metal (metallica, megadeth, slayer, morbid angel, death, anthrax, exodus, testament, celtic frost, etc.) and i have never owned a wah pedal.... i want to use it for soloing mainly (think kirk hammett) but i dont know which ones are good for metal... ive been looking at morley, dunlop, and really leaning towards ibanez tube screamer..... can someone explaining the difference in these? and please dont list your favorite, keep in mind im not going for jimi hendrix style, i want a METAL wah if there is a difference...thanks all
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maby, it sounds like it would be good, lol
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nahh not really. i have the weeping deamon and its only so so. the auto recoil or whatever is a nice feature but still. it doesnt really get you a great tone. i mainly use my crybaby for everything. its pretty basic but wah is a pretty basic effect, that doesnt have too too many extra things that you could want in it--maybe other then chorus/flanging 8-)
Bad Horsie or the Dunlop QCB *correct me here, I forgot it* Wah to which the 'sweep' of the wah effect can be fine tuned to your tastes.
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I quite liked the Tremonti Power Wah when I tried it out. Thinking about picking it up myself.
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