I'm having a really tough time deciding which guitar to invest my hard earned money into. I'm wanting a versatile guitar that can handle anything from Pink Floyd to dream theater and iron maiden. I have roughly $800 to spend.

So far im looking at: Gibson les paul studio, Gibson Explorer, Esp ltd 1000, or perhaps something else.
btw im looking used
versetile = strat, but everyone has a strat....... so get something else
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Well looking at those bands you like a strat seems pretty good, should be versatile enough and you could go HSS if need be.

Les Pauls are great guitars too I think, on the heavier side with the humbuckers but still versatile itself, so if you like it go for it.
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go with a koa strat... best guitar for the money that i've ever played...i spend 600 on mine, its normally 700
A strat I would say, although maybe an RR1 would also be suitable, I remember Adrian playing a Jackson RR1 every now and then.



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