OMG I wanna try that. That would be something me and my friends would do.
Did you get the food?
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. That's awesome.
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My brother did that once.
They said if he did it again they wouldn't serve him.

Well all I wanted was a water, and the guy was like how can I help you? and I made my friend talk since he was on the other side of the car. So he was like can I get a medium water? and the dude was like no you cant, so we were like, uhhh..... how about a medium coke? and he was like shure, then i reversed to get the drink and the lady was like What the HELLL! WTF GTFO!!! and gave me a stare down, but i ended up with the drink.
haha, the people at mcdonalds told me and my friends if we ever take our boards there again theyd ban us.

so we went through the drive through on our boards and they banned us, haha.

totally worth it to get that fat manager to come out and yell at us.
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i dont get why they wouldnt serve you for simply driving through in reverse....
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
Was it straight or did you have to turn a lot? Because all the drive-thrus around here have AT LEAST two turns in them, and a very unforgiving curb on each side.

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Warned for trolling!

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already been done by fronkndegofilms.com
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I went to school stoned twice. the first time was a lot of fun, but the second time we had a guest speaker from the women's resource center come in, and talk about rape. I couldn't contain my laughter. Never again.
i did it once, and they were like if you want food you better turn around then they called the cops.

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I wish my sister asked me to do it again..she's really hot....

I'm going to hell

EDIT..mmhhh, I would stand going to hell if I could do it again now
thats weird~its not like the drive thru roads has arrows pointing which direction you should drive..

we've walked thru a drive thru and it was fine..(that was late night tho)
You need a good driver to go through in reverse...its not a very easy task.

2 turns and that unforgiving curb FTL
You know whats fun, go to order menu at drive thru, and blast classical music = teh fun
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already been done by fronkndegofilms.com

Calm down, you sound like a twat.

Once I army crawled through the drive through. I went to the first window, "Charlie's on my six! Hand me the sandwhich and I'll head for EVAC!"
ha i actually laughed at that
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that is kickarse. i'm definitely gonna try that one(when i can drive)
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Me and my friends went through a drive-thru in a Wal-Mart shopping cart. It was great!
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Once I army crawled through the drive through. I went to the first window, "Charlie's on my six! Hand me the sandwhich and I'll head for EVAC!"

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This gave me quite a good idea, I want to go through a drive through in a 'pantomime car' with 3 friends. I'll pretend to wind down the window and turn down the stereo. It'll be awesome.
Haha, I've been through McDonald's drive thru on a horse I got some strange looks that day...
"You cant fight in here, this is the war room!"
guys I just went through a drive through and ordered A LARGE FRY not large, but fries one large 10 ft. long fry. I didnt get it
im only here cause my 360 broke
This was fun like, two years ago.
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Hahahahaha dude that's awesome, I read the title and laughed!
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Come to think of it, there are a lot of ways to amuse one's self with a Drive Thru...
haha my dumbass friends tried to order a gallon of petroleum in the drivethru one night when they were getting cheeseburgers
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