the palomino is made in the US, and has a celestion speaker. its v-series 1 i think.

the newer ones are called v-series 2, is made in China, and a Crate speaker.

palomions have a 15 watt 1x12" speaker and a 30-watt combo. v-series 2's have an 18-watt 1x12" and 2x12" versions. also, they have a 32-watt head, but it does not come in combo version.

price-wise, the 18-watt version is priced a bit higher than its palomino counterpart. however a v-series 2 50-watt combo is a lot cheaper compared to a 50-watt palomino.

id also like to get the explanation to this method of pricing though

soundwise, imo, the newer v-series are a bit harsher, although new tubes may lessen this.

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