Ive hated writing all my life, but recently Ive been having more and more disturbing and horrific images, monsters, and stories in my head, however, I cant exactly draw them as the amount of talent needed to draw them is immense, and if my drawing didnt come out how I wanted it, I would lose interest rather quickly. Ive recently decided to write about everything in my head, but when I sit down with a pen and paper (or MS Word), I dont know where to start, what to write about, anything.

If anyone here in UG writes, what do you think I should do to take out the imagery? What vessel would be best, poems, short stories, long novels, or what? Also, how can I get started on writing, and what should I remember? Basically any tips you can give me I will appreciate.

Remember, this is horror and fantasy mostly, and I dont want to have many human characters because frankly, I hate humans and find them uninteresting in stories. Rather, I want to portray certain scenes of horror, monsters, and brutality, but without having 500 pages of a human character's description.

Then just write small scenes of horror, make them as large as they need to be to get everything in your head across then move on to the next one
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You obviously don't spend much time in S&L. They discuss everything from prose to short stories in there.
Well, when I write my short stories I usually set up the main idea in my head and then write an outline(yes, like in school) and also brainstorm some random thoughts and lines I want to include. It helps guide me and give my stories structure, it may not work for everyone though. Just try different ways and see what works the best for you, also I suggest you just slam out all the words on Word and worry about editing and grammar nuances later.
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Not a problem at all, just be patient with getting advice because it takes a while for the guys to cycle through there, but I assure you, the regs in S&L will more than likely give you the best advice of anyone on this site on how to express what you want to express in the way you want to express it.
I dont know about anyone else, but i keep a little blue book with me at all times. Any interesting thoughts i have, i write in the front, trying to link idea's etc, and in the back i try to write poems or songs out of them.

Im not the most creative person by any means and this helps me to organise my thoughts into something worth while on paper.
first of all, you could have gone to the S&L forum. There is a huge help section on there.
And when I find some ideas for a song, or poem. I first write down what it would go about, and then I start to think up some centances. Once I have 2 centances that fit I make a few more, and see it it's right for an verse or chorus, I adjust the verse/chorus that I've got so far, and make it more the way I want. And I just continu to write the same way.

Hard to explain, everyone has their own ways to write songs.
Just check the help section in the S&L forums.