last 1 died with out a winner cuz the starter got banned or sumtin but ill try not to get banned but ya 10 ppl any song just guitar everything else optional i need judges cuz i wanna participate post a link to ur song

1.RandyVanHalen- Highway to Hell-AC/DC
3.Rockstar Mace-???
5.Tapping_Ninja- Daju vu- Iron Madien
6.Koeniewoonie- Radiohead- Fake Plastic Trees
7.Girl-Tarist- Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance
8.Maddy!- Lipgloss and Black- Atreyu
9.Judas Acolyte- not sure


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dude im in.....but i havent decided yet...just RSVPing
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So did the threadstarter really get banned, or did he just put that as his user title?

Cause if he did, then you guys are wasting your time responding to the contest. =/
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So did the threadstarter really get banned, or did he just put that as his user title?

It is impossible to put 'banned' in your user title now, if you do it will just go back to the default.
I'll go ahead and do this. Unfortunately right now I can't commit to a song, but I will later today.

Edit: I might be down for Wasted Years by Iron Maiden
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Can I sign up for Summertime Blues By The Who
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For lack of a more astounding song, not that its a bad song, but I'll be doing Radar Love by Golden Earing.
Ill enter, if i still can, with Black Napkins Pt.2 (by Frank Zappa). Its on my UG profile.
Think we need to set a finishing date. I have a recorded version but I would like to re do it now I have new kit . Thread Starter still around?