I'm guessing finger noise is normal, you know, when you move your hand up and down the fretboard with your fingertips lightly touching the strings to help speed up the process of grabbing the next chord... It's hard to avoid, but I was wondering if it's possible at all to avoid that. That's something I can deal with, though. What really annoys me is when moving from one chord to another that requires to lift my fingers to different positioning (like from D to G, or anything of that sort), because when I lift my fingertip from a string, or lift numerous fingertips from numerous strings, that string will sound the open string note. I hope you understand what I'm talking about... it's hard to explain. Basically, If I move my hand positioning from D to G, the strings will sound because when I'm in the process of changing chords, my fingers naturally sound the strings. As far as I'm concerned, I'm lifting my fingers correctly and straight up from the strings. Any way to fix this?

Thanks alot.
There are some strings that reduce finger noise, I think they're the Elixirs...the expensive ones.