ok somethikng really bad has happened to me tonite and i wrote random stuff down that kinda goes with it i dont think in terms of this as a song or poem but its the best i could come up with

ok here goes..

Today the worst hit me
i fell to my knees
knowing that i hurt you
knowing that you cared about me
everything i said to you
i knew that it hurt
i know im the one to blame
for everything i put you through
next time i'll try real hard
not to make you cry
because everytime you cried
i wish that i'd die

(*this part i dont think i'll keep in here*)
no i wont lie, i cant deny
i did all of this for you
everything i said, everything i did
it was all for you
(*this part i dont think i'll keep in here*)

there are words hanging off my tongue
that cant leave my mouth
please forgive me
i cant let it out right now

and thats all i got..i mite need to rearrange some stuff around
and i redid some of this stuff while typing it so this aint the original..well it kinda is but whatever..
and i aint austrailian plus im not good at writing songs..and this isnt one its just stuff i piled up..and if you dont have something good or nice to say back off
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i couldnt come up with anything..but i guess can i repost as "for you" and just have someone moderate this one?
I just re-read the rules for this and i think if that is the title you have for that song, then yes, but don't forget to delete this one afterwards.
Yes you can repost it with a correct title and in the end u can ask people for advise on it.You can also delete this thread by deleting your first post . Take a good look at rules for future .
As u are bumping ur thread alot