I woke up this morning thinking "oh god... my girlfriend is dragging me out to the wildlife sanctuary. We never see anything there"

We get there and straight away see some tuatara (the closest living relative to a dinosaur) and a few kiwi (the bird, not the fruit. Theres **** all left of them)

So after that we go to mcdonalds for lunch, im sitting there and who should walk past the window but Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords.
I leap up, my girlfriends yelling out "ITS NOT HIM YOU IDIOT YOU'RE GONNA EMBARASS YOURSELF"
Of course i'm a little overwhelmed by seeing my favourite comedy musician, so instead of yelling out to him, i run up and grab his arm. He gets a fright and turns around. and also, he dressed, looked sounded and acted just the same as on the show, which made it 100 times better to meet him. Then my girlfriend comes out and i say "whos the idiot now"

I had my acoustic so i told him how i learnt business time and asked him to sing it
So he sings business time, people are gathering around laughing, then when we finish they leave.

I aksed where Bret was and he's over in New York, so you fans will be pleased to know Jemaines going over soon to film the new series

After we talk a bit, we go our seperate ways and im walking down the street when who do i see handing out free bottles of red bull for a promotion, but tim finn. (for those who dont know, he's the brother of the crowded house singer, and was in crowded house for a while)
We had a small chat but it was not as great as Jemaine.

So I just thought i'd share my day with UG. Best day i've had in AGES
wow that is cool

im a huugge crowded house fan

why was hw handing out red bull

put up some pics

the only thing mildly interesting that happend to me is that i once got an email from the guitarist from feeder still i thought that was cool

He was handing out red bull as a promotion for the company I guess they paid him to do it. And i didnt have a camera with me
I met the herman rii of dragonforce at Heaven and Hell earlier this year. He is really short and has small hands.
I have no idea who those people are, but that sounds fun glad you had fun ^_^
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It would've be awesome to meet Jemaine! Even better, jam with him!

Me jealous.
Poor guy, getting made to sing.
Oh well.
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