So I did a search and I couldn't find anything like this (correct me if I'm wrong though)
Here you can tell us about your strangest, most incredible, most beatiful, most terrifying/disturbing/[insert random adjective here] dream.
I'll start with mine.
I once dreamt that I was falling down a really tall builing. I kept falling and falling for a long time, and it was really terrifying because I knew I was going to die. When I hit the street I suddenly woke up with a scream and everybody in my house wondered what was going on Of course I've hade lots of more interesting dreams, but that was the one I remembered at the moment.
So tell us about one of your dreams.
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i once dreamt i was going up escalators and wen i reached the top i fell to the start, it happened over and over until i finally woke up
When I was a child, I always had a reoccurring nightmare. I would wander around my house for a while then enter the bathroom. Upon entry, a horde of giant lobsters would crawl out of the toilet and kill me.

Sadly, I'm not lying.

i wish i could tell you mine, theyre extrememly ****ed up
but i cant remember em
all i remember in one was that my dad was frozen in a block of pink ice :\
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Ill try and remember one I had about a week and a half ago. When I read something or watch a movie and think about it alot, it normally carries over into dreams, and this happened after I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again.
I started off working in a supermarket, with a bunch of first grade rugby league players helping me. After about 15 minutes of uneventful conversation, I walk outside and im standing in the laundry of my old house (which no longer exists to my knowledge). Im standing there, and I decide to go camping. It strikes me that it would be good to take my wand with me, so I go out and camp with some random person in a really dark, swampy forest on one side of a fence. On the other side is a wall, I decide to go on an adventure. Walking around the wall, whenever I touch something it combusts. I walk in and im surrounded by mounds of books and rock. Halfway through the piles of books and rocks, theres a space too thin for me to fit, so logically I try and fit through. The whole plays goes up in flames, and then the other guy that was with me was showering the fire with water from his wand.
I get out, and I start seeing things through another persons eyes, and I realise that Voldemort is going to kill Harry. I run around the forest and I turn the corner, theres this big church-like building that looked like the local catholic school cut in half. I find Voldemort, and Harry and a bunch of people are locked in a room Voldemort's trying to get through. Me and Voldemort try and duel, but our wands no longer work. 5 minutes of trying to cast spells and conversations later, I say "my last weapon against you is love" and I hug him. He starts shrivelling up and turns into a dog.
I start hugging and stroking the dog and it turns into a horse. From there-on in it gets fuzzy and I cant remember things.
Thats just one of the slightly milder, straight-forward dreams ive had.
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There are plenty of dream threads, oh well.

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I had one where I was around the age of seven which was weird...

I'd wake up in the dream and find a bendy person wearing a scream mask at the end of the bed, stretching his head at me and trying to hit me...

I valiantly fought back with a pillow and then I woke up...
Haha ok so in my dream I was livin in some apartment complex or hotel or something and there was like a really small balcony overlooking this courtyard thing. The only part of the dream I remember is me standing on the little balcony and looking onto the courtyard and there was like these miniature orange elephants in it. The ****in bastards are like raiding the courtyard and everybody is just kind of annoyed with it. I dunno how it ended that's all I remember. It's funny but it kinda sucks, instead of wet dreams, I get this ****.
Last night I had a truly epic dream. It began as if I was watching a video in some sort of virtual reality device. I can't really explain it. I was watching a man with two pistols run around an empty courtyard. For some weird reason I decided to step out of my safe vantage point of (dream) reality and step into his world. I quickly realized that we were actually in the courtyard of my high school and I had somehow aquired an uzi and a pistol.

I saw the man with the two pistols running in front of some police officers who had randomly appeared. I could not let him do this. I raised my uzi and sprayed the clip in his direction. It was too late when I realized what I had done, I watched the "bullets" fly towards the police officers behind him. Nothing was in slow motion but the bullets were just traveling extremely slow. I watched them head towards the police and the police were watch as well. I saw them reaching for their weapons and decided my fastest way out would be a quick shot under my chin with the pistol in my other hand. I proceeded to take this route.

I woke on the upper floor of my school about to enter a class room. My classmate told me to remove the hoody that had my identification on it (in the dream everyone had to wear these) because if they knew who I was it would be bad. I enter class and no one notices me because I am not wearing my identification hoody. It was as though I was not there.

So the teacher asks a question and several children answer incorrectly. Finally someone answers correctly and the teacher is quick to show the prize they won. It appeared to be a cake. When the top became visible to the students we realized it was not a cake, but simply a crust with several pickles floating in their own juices inside the crust. We all got a good laugh out of that.

Dream ended. No joke. EDIT: If anyone actually reads this beautiful wall of text please tell me. I don't want to feel like i typed all that for nothing
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Sod it I'll just post them.

I am with my cookery class in the middle of the atlantic ocean. i am on a raft with my friend (tom) and we are all trying to light a fire on the raft. a huge tidal wave comes and all the rafts catch it. for some reason, all our fires are now lit, even though we are on a tidal wave. THEN the whole wave catches on fire, and it turns into a massive chariot with fiery horses pulling it. my maths teacher was on there. the chariot arrives at my school playing fields, and throws us into a classroom.
my cookery teacher now casually announces that the class is going for a mini golf trip. everyone rushes towards the clubs, and me and my friend are left with the **** clubs, which happened to be pelican beaks (wtf). We went to the golf course, played abit of golf and the course eventually turned into a dancefloor...i cant remember the rest

My father is ill and is liening on a sofa in the front room. for some reason he decides to play pranks on all of us. my girlfriend is in the kitchen, she opens a packet of crisps, and they explode in her face, leavin the face of a sheep in place...
i open a cupboard and find a mixing bowl with a piece of paper on it, i lift up the paper and a tarantula with the face of my MATHS TEACHER was there. it scuttled away and went to majorca...... i decided to follow it. so i went to majorca and found the spider chatting up a horse. i come back home to find my girlfriend has taken the full form of a sheep.

3. (sorry about poor grammar)
i was walking down this narrow path by a near-by seaside town, and the babies from the rugrats (havn't watched that in...years) come charging around the corner... they knock me into the sea, and i land in this small boat with 2 police officers who are looking for people underwater who are dealing drugs. i see several purple zombies walking under the water. . . . . . **something strange happens**. . . . . . im walking back up the hill towards the town, and i come across a fire station half way up the hill. the zombies are there, ofcourse, and are fireing electricity out of fire hoses.
i look back down the hill and loads of my local buses are coming towards me. the buses had on the side of them, the initials of the person they are going to kill. three of the buses killed my sister, mother, and father. i run away to my friends house.
i am standing on the roof on his house and a lift comes down from the sky, i step on it and it takes me up to the clouds where i find the red hot chili peppers and my dead dog (wtf) perfoming a gig to my dead family...

These are all real. There's another one but i can't be arsed to find it.
You know what I've noticed? When you try to explain your dreams... they dont sound like they make sense... But to you, they make perfect sense.

i had a dream a while back, that i was driving around with a friend on the freeway. I think the music on the radio was ac/dc. Then, the freeway kind of ended, and we turned around, and saw like, a cliff... on the cliff was something like bigfoot; we chased it, ended up falling of the cliff, and that was pretty much it. It was... strange. = /
This was actually a dream I had last night. I can only remember them for a day so ill post my tonights ones tomorow and so on if this thread goes on.

I was walking down the street with a mate or two and i saw a bunch of 3 hot chicks. I walked up to the middle one as was like

me "hi"
her "hi"
me "do you want to have sex?"
her friends in background "would you have sex witrh someone youve only known for 2 minutes?"

the rest was pleasant.

That one of the only times i can remember having a dream only about sex. haha
Has anyone of you experienced a sort of strange feeling in your dreams, or lucid dreamt?
A week ago I hade this dream that I was lying in my bed, I thought I was awake (perhaps I was ) But I couldn't move... It felt really strange and I remember that I thought that it perhaps was one of those things where your body hasn't awaken from the sleep but your mind has. Perhaps half a minute later I woke up and was like wtf?
I had this really weird dream a few years ago now during final exams.

I was hanging out at school with mates outside the year 12 common area and they had a sign up advertising a job; and although it was exam time in my dream I said yeah why not. I rocked up, and my job was to drive a truck full of iPods somewhere. Hopped in the truck and was driving down the freeway in Houston (I live in Melb, Australia but lived in Houston for 4 years) and all of a sudden helicopters start dropping armed hijackers on the roof. I rush up there grabbing a gun on the way and fight them off and have an epic battle with Ice Cube, who I eventually kill in a knife fight. I then had to get rid of the body and thought the best place to hide it was my school locker. I woke up sweating in a panic cuz I was worried They were eventually gonna find Ice Cube's body.

It was one of those dreams where you wake up not knowing if you're dreaming or not... my life for the past 3 years may have been a dream and I'm gonna wake up to the cops knockin on my door asking if I've seen Ice Cube!!!! Mindphuck!!!
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I always have dreams about being in a public area like school or something and missing a peice of clothing like my pants or shoes or something.
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I get really freaked out when elements of my dreams come true.
I can think of two recent ones which scared the **** out of me.

1. I had a dream i was going for my lisence and a man and a dog crossed my path at a pedestrian crossing. I went on to fail my lisence test..

When i acutally went for my lisence i saw that same dog and they wouldn't let me take my driving test coz i had a tail light out

2. I had a dream that one of my friends died ( i couldn't tell who)

and in the next week a girl i knew died in a horrible car accident, hitch hiking on drugs

And two nights ago i had a dream my dad died

And over the past two days I've had a kid come up asking me "is your dad dead, how come i never see him, just tell me hes dead right"
ANd my dads been getting abusinve text messages "i hope you die a horrible slow and un natural death and i am going to jump on your coffin"'

i dont want my daddy to die
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I had a dream this night, and I was aware I was dreaming, while I was dreaming,.. sounds pretty strange, also for me
anyways, I was in a disco, and suddenly everone was kicked out, including me, so we started looking around for a new place to party (I drank alot of tequila that night in real life.) and when we were down in some cellar there were fights breaking out everywhere.. suddenly I turned to my friend (in the dream) and said out loud: this isnt real, then I consiously opened my eyes and I was in bed.. I looked around and started to move things around.. then I woke up again:S most strangest thing ever.. The stuff I moved around the first time I thought I woke up never seemed to have left it's place...

Long story.. sorry bout that... any thoughts?
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lol oh god i just remembered the funniest one ive had in a while.

ok so im just wandering around this city ive never seen before and for some reason its completely deserted. ok so then i look up in the sky and just like on the lion king there is mufasa in the clouds. anyways he told me i had to getr some key or something to make everyone come back. so i go off in search of this key. AND THEN a massive wolf jumps out of nowhere, so i run away. i ran intosome building and DEAN CAIN the old superman guy from the tv series was in there. im like omg dean beat that mofo with ya superpowerz. and he's like omfg im not actually superman and then the wolf broke in through a window and started trying to eat him. im like nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo but then superman just shoves his fist straight out the back of the wolfs neck and it dies.

i think that was when i woke up. shame i never found that key.
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Last night I had a truly epic dream. It began as if I was watching a video in some sort of virtual reality device. I can't really explain it. .... was not a cake, but simply a crust with several pickles floating in their own juices inside the crust. We all got a good laugh out of that.

Dream ended. No joke. EDIT: If anyone actually reads this beautiful wall of text please tell me. I don't want to feel like i typed all that for nothing

I read it! I lol'd at the pickles

The last dream I had that I can remember is where I met Alexi Laiho from Children Of Bodom and he sang me a song off their new album. The chorus went 'Yes it goes into, yes it goes into, yes it goes, into the crotch balloon'. He left the room and when he came back he was growling the ABC. Alexi also told me that he had a dog with no legs, but it wasn't that bad because it was like having a penis with no legs, and penises don't usually have legs.
Ok, so last night I dreamt that myself and my brother had been threatened by a killer, who would stab us as we slept. In the dream I pleaded with my mother to get the police involved but she refused, after a while she came round to it and a special detective was involved, and that night they caught him in our house. However, after being arrested and getting put in jail, he escaped, killing several policemen and the next day a white van pulled up to our house and another man got out and came to our house and told us that he and the other killer would be returning tonight. So it cut to that night and I was trying to contact the police but didn't know how, and my vision was extremely blurry. It went on like this for a few minutes and then cut to an airstrip with the two killers having killed themselves.
If someone can explain any of these things, I'd be grateful. For a bit more information, I've recently moved to Spain from Ireland on my own and finding it a bit difficult..whether that helps or not, I don't know..
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I had a dream where my boss went on a murderous rampage trying to kill me
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Had a dream the other night where me and this beautiful older lady were gonna stay at this hotel to, you know. When I was waiting in the hotel room I heard a knock on the door, expecting it to be the woman who I previously made the plans with, it turned out to be my mom. Talk about awkward.
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I remember I had this one scary dream, don't remember it but I woke up and my body was shaking and my whole body would never shake before, only my teeth. And since thta day whenever I'm cold my whole body shakes...
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