I woke up one morning and it was one of the first few days of Spring (we're still feeling what winter's left behind here) and I was super excited cos it was warm. Little puppies frolicking on grassy hills. Fields of daisies. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. This song was written in about 15 minutes. I like it.

It's called Song for Spring.


Yeah, I know I'm a pretty ****ty singer . But hey, at least I'm on key. For most of the time anyway. Cheers.
Holy crap can you say bright eyes?! I love it though, your voice sounds JUST like his... crazy weird. I love the guitar its great, the progression and chord changes flow perfectly you are great with the guitar.

Your voice is not that bad at all, its a good tone and a soft vibe. The pitch could be worked on a little bit there was some flat / sharps, but nothing a good software editor could not fix...

Keep it up, I'll be listening to more

Crit mine??

It's called your my light
very nice job. The guitar work is nice and bouncy and I liked the vocals a lot; imperfections and all. I hate comparing people to other people, but your voice sounds a little like Nick Drake.
"There but for fortune go you or I"- Phil Ochs
ovdojoey - I'm not about to use autotune any time soon...I reckon it's a bit like cheating. And cheers, I luuuuuuuuurve Bright Eyes.

Made Of Metal - Sweet as man, I dig Nick Drake.

Thanks for listening.