Gday folks, can someone help on the correct setup for these pedals please
• Octavia
• Crybaby
• Chorus
• Compressor
• Pick-up booster
• Tuner
• echohead
you know it's really in the eye of the beholder right? You usually want your modulation effects(flange, chorus, etc) to modulate the distortion sounds and want the wah to wah everything... usually.. i mean its up to you though.. what you want... if you want the wah to just wah the octavia... you can go something like chorus-compressor-boost-octavia-wah. If you have the tuner with two outputs/inputs you don't need to include it in your chain really. But put the tuner where it will have the least amount of effects on it. I used mine first(or last depending on your POV). The Tuner, to me, should be the furthest connection from the amp, there ya go. Everything else is up to you though. Just remember that if you have the chorus behind the octavia you're going to have a chorused oct. and the other way around you'd have an octavia'd chorus. Some sound better than others..... some just sound horrible together. That's the whole point. Find out what you like! The only thing I'd say should be last(closest effect to amp in chain) is the wah, because it will be a wah.. if you put it closer to first... whatever is after it--the wah is gonna act more as a filter than a wah... it just won't have the same effect... but some people desire that. Experiment!
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I'd go:

CryBaby->Compressor->Booster->A/B Selector->Tuner

That takes it so there is no signal when tuning.

It doesn't really matter where you split out the tuner, could do it at the start or end of the chain... I just put that there to give you an idea.
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