What kind of progressions/scales/techniques are involved when playing these types of music? I'm having trouble coming up with rockabilly-style riffs and could really use some pointers in helping me get started. Thanks, guys. Rock on!
pentatonic, lot's of open notes, chickin' pickin'.
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if you don't have a good understanding of blues then it won't work because rockabilly is heavy on blues.

work on alternating bass, playing licks while holding chords using open strings and extended notes within the chords.

i highly recommend you get the hot licks dvd that Brian Setzer made. that should really get you started.

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Listen to blues, but also listen to old-school country or bluegrass. Those are the two genres that had the most influence on rockablilly. If you want to sound more psychobillyish, listen to a little bit of punk too.