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I have a UB1832FX- Pro Behringer Mixer and I have one behringer eurolive speaker

Where do I plug that speaker in to.

Note: The mixer didn't come with a power supply...so I took one from an old computer moniter. That power supply says 10A and 125 Volts.

The mixer says 15A and 100-240 volts.

Would that effect anything? the mixer turns on and recieves my mic signal...but i've tried putting the speaker cable everywhere and no sound. (cable is a speakon cable to like a guitar cable, unbalalnced i believe)

John Petrucci

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That mixer is not a powered mixer, it has no power amp to drive speakers. you need a seperate power amp.

mic (or any other inputs) ----> that mixer -----> Power amp ------> speakers
I've tried putting it in where it says Main outputs, Control room out, left /mono, Sub woofer, Mon out, and a few others i believe
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So now I need a power amp. my parents are gonna be pissed i have to buy ANOTHER thing.

Anybody know any cheap power amps? like $100 -? I really just need something to get the job done and upgrade later.
John Petrucci

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You could have either bought a powered mixer, or a powered speaker, but like this you need a poweramp.

You won't get a way that cheap though, you'll need something like this:

Or you return your Mixer and buy a powered one instead, like this:
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my other option to getting the power amp

is returning the PA speaker and mixer...

And getting an amp..and then maybe buying a recording mic

would that be a better idea?
John Petrucci

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