This is really good topic in my mind that I could not find anything on in these forums. So, I am creating this to discuss about using nails or not when finger picking.

I personally don't use nails. Although the nails give volume I think that no nails gives it a slightly better tone.
i'm also a fan of no nails myself.
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nails are good but a bitch if your always breaking them.(and they help with classical)so, i keep mine about 1-2 mm over the finger. that way their not like huge or anything. and yes, it really does help.
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no nails its hard to fret the notes with nails

Tallking bout the other hand, silly.

Nails for me. I have strong nails so its all good
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I prefer no nails really. I can understand how other's may prefer having some, especially in classical pieces, but for my acoustic fingerpicking style, I prefer the tone when I don't have them.
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I've never tried with full on nails, but I like the 'warmer' tones I get with no nails.

Admittedly, I've heard some really impressive stuff from people who use nails though
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After trying both methods on both steel and nylon, I have come to this conclusion:

nails > no nails.

+1. Especially like the difference when playing with flesh+ a little nail on my steel strings.
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I reckon its easier to play with a little bit of nail and gives a much clearer sound.
But maintaining them at a good level is impossible for me. So generally i let them grow for a bit till they get too long and annoy me, and then cut them completely off (I havent yet mastered the art of cutting fingernails) so i do a little of both.

Nails get in the way of other stuff as well, so most of the time i dont bother with nails, but it would be cool if i could have perfect size nails that never needed cutting, because the best size for me doesnt get in the way of other stuff, just it doesnt stay the same size for long