hey guys, my band has a video clip from one of our practice sessions from an original song and im wondering what u guys think we can improve on and what we do well.

Heres the link (however our rhythm guitarists couldn't make it that day so hes not in the video...)

it bores me. Can't say anything else. It's wellplayed, but it just bores me
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if the bass guitarist and the drummer locked in together better, it would sounds much better
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Eh, I think it needs some variation, it seems to be the same thing played over and over again...but maybe a singer will help that too :/
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pretty freakin cool, but im not a big fan of the style. if it turns out you get a singer whose angry as hell, and you use some crazy riffs you will spark my interest. but thats probs not what your goin for with this.
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FFS UG! is teh br00talz missing? is that why its bad?

my opinion here but i think its damn good, reminds me of Finch, i'd love to hear it with the rhythm and vocals added in.
There's no excuse for this not to have vocals! Get the ****ing bassist to sing, it's not like what he's doing is hard.
I did like it, don't get me wrong, but it had no melody, only a catchy riff and a chorus to go with it.