After a year of playing guitar my top string finally broke and i think i might aswell upgrade all my strings while i'm at it. anyone recommend me a make of strings? Don't really care about the cost, just want good durability and sound.
welll you should never have hte same strings for a year
and Elixer are really good
really smooth and sweetness
Ernie Ball Slinkys. Also, change them more often. They'll sound better and stay in tune more easily. I change mine once a month.
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dude, you should change your strings at least every few weeks(thats if you play every day)

I say just be normal and get some D'Addario 10's
elixers are good, but d addarios are good and cheeeeeeap.
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electric guitar or acoustic?
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a whole year without changing...wow.
I like d'addario hybrid 9's
but ultimately, you should experiment with a few different gauges and makes, see what you find comfortable.
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wow. i didn't know you were supposed to change them that often. i'll look up the elixer strings. thanks
elixirs are expensive and the coating is a preference issue.
i use DR strings when i can, ut the ernie balls and d'addarios are cheap and good.
anything pure nickel sounds really good.
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electric guitar or acoustic?

what forum is this thread in... think.

d'addario flat wounds(chromes)

i love them...