that is on craiglist
guy says "Twin Reverb amplifier in very good condition. Everything works as it should. Powerful guitar amp for almost any style music."
i know about twins etc but what is this twin?
it seems really old
guy wants 450
seems like a great deal
should i go for it?
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marshall mg100dfx some people slay but i love it, think its a good amp for the money and you cant go wrong with marshall...its english!
sounds good. are you in a position to try it out? that would be the smart thing of course. but looks good. make sure the reverb circuit works and the tubes are in good working order.
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It's from the early 70's. That's definitely not a bad price (or a bad amp), but the question is whether the amp is right for you.

You also have to keep it mind that it will need servicing; the fact that the seller says it works fine doesn't really matter. You will have to spend another $100 or more on it to get or keep it in great shape.