anyone else here with the 81/85 combo who has tried reversing the intended positions, as in the 85 in the bridge and 81 in the neck. I find both pickups to sound alot better with this arangement, more crunch and bass with my 85 in the bridge, chords sound heavier, and find my 81 less muddy in the neck than the 85 was, I'm not new to guitar (21 years) but very new to the world of active pickups. also how do you tell when it's time to change the battery, it the sound change very subtle or does it turn to crud really quickly, I've only had mine for a few months.
Glad someone else has converted to using the 85 in the bridge As for changing the battery, it will start to get noisier as the battery starts to die, with loss of output and sometimes a "thin" sound going with it.