I bought Cakewalk last night for my computer. I have the Music Creator 4 program. When I record music, it shows that sound is being picked up, but when I try to hear it played back, I can't hear anything.

Help please?

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If it's anything like my Sonar 5 producer edition, make sure the track is outputted to Master.
Then, The master needs to have your soundcard set as it's output.
you need to make sure your Cakewalk input and output settings match the soundcard that is actually connected to your speakers. Its easy to get confused, esp. if you have more then one soundcard, 'cause Cakewalk will find all your soundcards and then "guess" at routing inputs/outputs.

Read the CW manual about input/output, and configure the software correctly. good luck
Is there anyway to edit a profile so that it can change from a front speaker output to a rear speaker output? Sorry like sounding like a n00b.

Nvmd, it's fixed.

Thanks for the help.
Get off my lawn.
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