Hey, i have just starting tapping, and i have a couple of guitars, and i've noticed it's easier to do on one guitar than the other. Is this because of the larger scale length, and bigger fret spacing, or am i just imagining it?

Also, what amp/effect setting helps your tapping stand out? Any advice would be much appreciated.
guitars with hotter pickups will pick up the tapping easier than low output pickups. The scale length could be a part of it, but im not sure. The action is another thing that heavily influences it.
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Using the edge of your pic makes it a lot easier too.
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Yeah, you wont have to tap as hard if you turn your gain/distortion up high enough, so if thats a problem, just do that until you get better at it
Ive noticed this too. I can do it fairly well on the guitar i own, but when i play the ones at my school, its so much easier. I dont know whether its the action or strings size or anything, but its a piece of cake. The school guitars are crap at everyhting else though, their tone sucks.
No two guitars play the same. It's not your imagination. Whichever guitar is the hardest to tap on, practice on that one.
+1^ i love my schecter and i love the tapping on it.. but my epiphone is horrid for that. i practice on the epiphone and the schecter just plays like butter!
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