ok i wanna do some soloing and i heard phrygian is good to solo in... can someone point me in the right direction? where can i find these scales?
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No scale/mode is good to solo in. It depends on what sound you want. If you're going for a happy-go-lucky-sounding solo, Phrygian won't do good. It somewhat dark sounding, due to the b2, minor second, and has a Spanish feel to it. Each scale has a certain sound. Explore.
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Well, for any solo cases u might need, I suggest getting the Guitar Grimoire book. It has all the scales/modes/keys that u need to compose a solo in ur liking. Just make sure the solo u include is in the same KEY/MODE as ur song.
www.all-guitar-chords.com has neck diagrams of a lot of scales in every key, but it is very important that you know how to use the scale/mode to bring out it's unique sound. Learn about intervals.
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