i play a lot of alternative, indie-ish stuff like silversun pickups, jimmy eat world, anberlin, sunny day real estate, etc. but sometimes play harder stuff...so i was thinking which guitar to get to fit the bill:

Fender Japan Strat, Fender Japan 72 Tele Custom, Greco LP, or a Fender Jaguar with humbuckers?

i was thinking of getting something relatively cheap and switch out pickups if necessary.

if i was to get the Strat what pickups? i was leaning towards the '59/JB combo for the LP and Jag and maybe a '59 in the neck for the tele and a tele hot rails in the bridge.

any suggestions? insights? all would be welcome.

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If you're considering the HH Jaguar, I strongly recommend you give the SS Jaguar a shot. I'm glad I did, it's an absolutely fantastic guitar and I play many things simillar to you. The Japanese ones are cost-efficient (slightly more expensive than the HH I believe) with the only problem being that the pickups are not wired in reverse polarity (ie no humbucking) which they are on American reissues and the original models.
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Hi guys I own Fender 62 Jaguar RW CAR LTD :


I like this one a lot and I totally recommend this one to our friend.I play Indie&Alternative too and I think this guitar is a "must" for this genre.Are the HH making such a great difference?I am thinking of making some modifying on my guitar and changing pick-ups is sth I have in mind.
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