So, I want to totally overhaul my rig and I'm a tad confused on what to get. I need a new guitar and amp. And i know you should get a new amp before a new guitar but my guitar is dieing on me, its a cheap Jackson and everything on the guitar is falling apart, so i might get a guitar first. So I've been looking at Jackson, and Ibanez mostly. But then thats a problem, because they've all got locking trems, and I change tunings every 10 minutes, so i dunno if its better i get something else if its gonna take me 5 minutes to keep changing tunings. I looked up schetchers but every store I've been to doesn't carry them and i wont buy something off the internet I've never tried. SO for my guitar I've got about a 750$ budget, i play metal, some classic rock, and taking up shred now. And for my amp I'm lookin at a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT-212, Peavey ValveKing 112 50 watter. I have about 500$ to spend on an amp, i no you should spend more on the amp, but lets just say that my parents think my amp is more then suitable and i don't need a new one so if i spend more then 500 ill be shot. So any ideas or suggestions about these or any other guitars or amps?
lol i know it makes you look like a loser in the world of metal. but get an epiphone lp. they kill the tone of crap floyd rose trems. so unless your too attached to your divebombs get an lp. theyre cheap and you can find them everywhere. as for the amp. get a nice one. forget getting an expensive guitar. if you have 750 for a guitar and 500 for an amp.... i say get a 500 dollar guitar and a 750 dollar amp. maybe a cheap peavey tube halfstack.
^ i don't need a half stack i just play in my room for the time being but ill look into it. but im considering the non locking trem jacksons.