I got my Epi 3 years ago, and my Gibson this year.

I am now looking for something for good metal, but maybe with something other than the EMG's i have in my Epiphone.

I also want a whammy bar

Budget: up to $1500

I've been eying Dean's Dimebag models, but don't know if they are any good.
dean razorback would just be immense, ibanez rg prestige's if you dont mind basswood and naff stock pickups
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go to a shop and play some guitars.
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The Razorback and Razorback V are awesome guitars. I've played both at the local Sam Ash and they sound and play amazing. If it were me, I would want those EMG's. IMO, they are the best pickups you can get for metal. If you change your mind about wanting EMG's, then there is the Razorback V 255.
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