Hi guys,
I've been playing acoustic guitar now for a while, and I know most of the chords, but it's impossible for me to play barre chords. Everytime I try, one or two of the strings are muted because I can't press them down all the way. Any tips on playing barre chords?
i can't do it either :\ i press harder, ive pressed as hard as i can.. it hurt. i still cant get it right <_>
When you fret a barre chord, fret the strings as normal and then roll your finger slightly over towards the nut, so that you are almost fretting with the side of your finger and not using the pads.
Awkward at first but perseverence, practice and patience is all you need.
Hope this helps, good luck.
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after 2 months of practicing i still cannot get all 6 strings with my index finger- has to do with finger shape, some people like me just have a big middle knuckle but skinny fingers, which creates a gap in the upper-middle part of finger that makes it impossible to get the g/b strings down. (after 2 months of practicing the knuckle part of my finger and the tip are red and callused, and the middle is completly white) lol
but anyway its still possible to play barre chords without getting all 6 stringds down
hey, just read all the posts and saw no one mentioned this. barre chord strength also comes from your arm. yes, your hand does most of the work, but your arm has to be in the proper place so that you get maximum leverage. when you play, your hand and arm should be aligned. if your hand is at an angle to your arm, it's much, much harder to play a barre chord. also, when you practice, make sure you practice barring at several different frets. this is really important, since the fretboard changes width as you go higher, and you need callouses all up and down your index finger. hope this helps.