* Voting Limitations From this point onwards anybody voting for themselves in all competitions; 1v1s and any other competition (excluding two (see below)) will have an extra vote gifted to the opponent(s), this does not entitle them to vote for themselves though. The exclusion: Any comp wherein a piece is written by more than one writer means the competition is open for self-voting. Secondly if a poll is against a single piece written by anyone outside of UG i.e. established poets, lyricists, writers then you may vote for yourself, if you really think your writing is better.

This also counts for Writer of the Month, although no action will be taken against you, just your vote will not count, if you must just do not vote.

Open Polls thread
Ok so the 'Open Polls' Thread is working well so far I think. But just to make our lives easier I'd like it if you can help out a little more.

When you submit a new 1v1 match, sign-up thread or Polls, please post the links in the 'Open Polls' thread. It would save a lot of time and insure that all the relevant polls are up in the thread, A couple of polls I have not included because there was only a day left on them.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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Speaking of pieces by multiple people, when is the 20 line piece we had to do ages ago going to go to the polls?
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A while ago, in multiple places, lol. I'm not that keen on it, but it's just something to promote kindness and spreading of the love.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Is it eh? I thought it was about giving the people that bitch something less to bitch about... oh well, I guess I don't get things as much as I used to...