Today someone letf a card on my car saying to visit a website to earn easy, quick extra income. So, being a broke student, I gave it a lok over, and apparently they will give me £20 per application for internet advertising for other companies that I fill in, and can fill in as many as I want. But I also have to pay them £27 to begin with in order to pay for my "training", but am assured that I will not ahve to pay anything else to them. It is all done through paypal (which I know very little about apart from the fact that it is trying to keep your money safe from fraud). I was just wondering if anyone here had done anything like this, and even if you have not, let me know what you think.
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Don't do it.
Sounds like a scam to me, most of those things are.
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im guessing you're also waiting for the 30 xbox 360's you won off of popups right?


dont do this. its most likely a scam.
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That sounds like a good way to make money, actually.

Make lots of fliers saying that people can make lots of money, but they have to pay you first!
pretty sure its a scam.
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