I am looking for a Guitar Pro tab that includes the solo of Strange in a Strange Land and Caught Somewhere in Time both by Iron Maiden. can someone help me out???
yes. but the solo is not encoded as a tab. maybe there is some settings in GP that i have to set to show the tab for the solo or something? im new to GP, so i dont really know.

My stranger in a strange land tab has the solos and i got it off here
look again
RX120D, i searched for "stranger in a strange land" and it came up with ONE guitar pro tab for the song. i clicked it and downloaded it and didnt show solo for tab. i am most certain now there is some settings i have to set in GP for the tab..

1crazyboy7, where do i go in GP to do that?
The tracks are in bottom of the main page.If you can not see them click view>multitrack view.There would be a track that contains solo.