I need help with my other computer that isn't working. I try to start it, and it doesn't work. A message comes up that is black and white and I have different optins to start it. One is to start Windows normally, another one is to start with your last settings that worked. Neither of those work. And then I can start it in safe mode, but that is pointless because I can't do anything.

I know this probably isn't all the information you will need, but just ask and I should be able to tell you.

It's a Toshiba laptop and that's all I know about that. I don't know the model or anything. But I can try to find out if you need to know.


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You probably have a virus or something, scan for viruses, and if you don't have one, tell it to start up with the last good configuration.
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To your computer problem, I have no clue. When my toshiba laptop did that it was when I was trying to switch to vista.

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u try reinstalling windows
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