I would like a pedal but would be happy to use a rack mount compressor if that is better. What is good? and why do you think it's good?
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The MXR dynacomp is always a good choice. Can be subtle to full-on squeeze. I liked the one I tried. I don't know a ton about compressors though.
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^I was looking at one of those on ebay. I guess I'll put a bid in and see what becomes of it. Thanks for the advise

I'm probably going to get a couple different compressors so if anybody else has any advise feel free to chime in.
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i like my dynacomp. if you want one, with a bit of patience you can get one really cheap on ebay. i worked at it for like 2 months and eventually got one for $30, which is less than half of new. the supercomp is supposed to be a more tweakable version of the dynacomp, but i havent played it. probably worth a look though.

then the keeley compressor is supposed to be very nice. havent played one, but ive heard nothing but good things about them. kinda pricey, but if the reviews are true then it may be worth it.

i would avoid the line 6 compressor, my room mate has it and pretty much hates it. he uses it, but swears the thing gives him more trouble than it is worth. so i would avoid that one. and thats all i know about compressors.