Hey. I just finished makeing a new song(3rd full song). I may change it a little, but I think it sounds good now. Deffinatly my favorite so far. Its a metal song, that i made from the intro. It has a nice intro in the beginning, nice outro at the end. It has 3 guitars, and bass, and drums.
I like it. The only concern I have is how are you gonna play the 12th and 3rd fret at the same time? The leads are good, the intro is cool, the chorus thing (bars 27 to 30) really stood out to me.

Crit mine?

Techno? Lolwut?

I don't like the silence at bar 12. Make it a fade out.... or something.

The drums on bar 18 also sound kind of strange. You should change the last roll to a bass drum instead of a tom. And maybe slow it down a little.

Nice, energetic main riff.

I think it would sound cool if you tremelo picked the lead at 27.

Cool slow down and strummed chords at 43.

Ok the strummed chords are getting a little boring...

But it's refreshing when the drums come back in.

I really disliked that huge break. I mean.... wtf?

It would've gotten an 8/10 but I'm knocking it down to 7 because of that lame break...

But overall, good job.

Crit my song?

I'm a person.
If your talking about the break at the end, then the random part at the way end, that wasnt supposed to be there :P That part at the end was me just saving one part of the song to copy it to another part. If your talking about the beginning, yeah, i need to change that.