Okay, how many of you have a mandolin? Ive been looking into the possibilty of buying one. Or a banjo or something like this? Even an ukulele. What do you think? Is it fun playing these? What do they really sound like and stuff?
I love their shapes ^^
I have one, it was a christmas gift so I don't know much it was. Since I can't find it on the net I guess it wasn't expensive. It's fun to mess around with it but there's very little tabs on the net. Also if you live somewhere remote make sure you can buy mandolin strings somewhere.
Well me being from kentucky i got a bango and a mandolin, the bango is crazy, you have to be really good with finger picking, for me it was pretty hard to learn. I dont play the mandolin much i just got bored of it. you should check out a dulcimer, they sound really good and are really easy to learn.
I've got a resonator banjo, a lovely instrument when you start building up your speed on it.
I got a mandolin for christmas one year. I only know a few chords on it atm, but its a lot of fun to play
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Banjos are a nightmare to play imo. i tried, but failed... and i'm a fingerpicker. Ukulele took me about 5 minutes to learn, because its tuned like a guitars highest 4 strings, 7 semitones higher. Mandolins are usually tuned like the low 4 strings (EADG), but in reverse, note wise, GDAE, so not too difficult to figure out. i guess its like learning a new tuning really, whereas banjo is a completely different technique.
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