Looks like garbage. the trem and pickups look really cheap, and its probably just plastic for the body. I had a friend who had a BCRich like that, he dropped it, and it literally cracked like glass up the side.
I kno of alot of artists who use Dan Armstrong lucite guitars for stage work, but i think its just like a plastic guitar. I think the tone would suck. And honestly, i wouldnt expect a "hand-crafted" plastic Steinberger copy to be $200 and be as good as it claims.
That's one of the weirdest bridges I have ever seen haha. Lucite is acrylic, so it is a form of plastic. I would try and find one cheaper if I were you. Of course, I would rather get the LP shaped one.
"This Guitar is All Hand-Craft work and provides Highest Quality Song."

Mmm'kay. <_<
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
ya, the clear LP is cool. I dont think I'd buy it unless I sniped it for like 50 bucks or something. Still, it'd be a cool little toy to have :P